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Tournament Series Checkers set Boxwood & Ebony
1.75" with 2" square board

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SKU: Tournament Checkers set Boxwood-BEB

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The Chess Empire is proud to introduce you the new development on Checkers set “ The Tournament Checkers” 1.75” diameter with 2” Square Canadian Maple & Ebony checkers board. The beautiful set of Checkers with immensely rich craftsmanship is real combination of perfection. This design is creation of The Chess Empire’s First edition to the checkers game lovers. The constant carving of checkers design is done on both sides of checkers pieces. The Checkers storage box is made from the Maple wood and also included with the checkers set.

The selection of the wood for these luxury products has been done with the special care to get the best natural grains. Our master craftsmen are dedicated to their work for creating the constant and finest work on every single piece very carefully. The most experience master craftsmen of our factory with a great knowledge of hand craftsmanship and long learning period has given the opportunity to design richest art of workmanship. The Checkers Pieces are hand carved by our skilled master craftsmen and crafted out of highest grade exotic natural woods. The Checkers set is natural buff polished for long lasting shine.

Checkers Set : 12 Boxwood & 12 Ebony checker pieces

Checkers Storage Box: Canadian Maple Checker set storage Box.

Checkers Board: 2” Square Maple & Ebony Tournament chess board.

Dimension of checkers: 1.75” x 1/2”.


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