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The Madrid Series Chess Pieces
4" King

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The Chess Empire introduces you the finest crafted chess pieces, The Madrid Series 4” Originally designed by the Chess maestro of The Chess Empire with owned  Legacy of finest workmanship and experience. The Madrid Series chess set is stunning masterpiece with attraction of mesmerizing unique art of hand craftsmanship. Our master craftsmen have spent many hour and hard work to create the best quality and rare art of chess pieces craftsmanship. These are the pieces of perfection with deep and absolutely flawless finest turning without any doubt. 

Our most valuable research over almost last 60 years in chess industry has lead us to the constant perfection in designing, craftsmanship, best quality with great reputation as chess manufacturing company worldwide. We have the most skilled turners in our factories with a great experience and knowledge of hand craftsmanship. This long learning period has given us the opportunity to design most exclusive chess sets which is beyond the imagination of anyone.

The Madrid series is our best selling Staunton chess set with finely crafted. The workmanship on the knight is done gracefully and this beautiful chess set is perfect example of Staunton pattern chess set. Our master craftsman has put all the efforts to make this chess set unique piece of art. This chess set is designed for some special Chess lovers who just want to have the BEST collection for the Lifetime.

The Madrid Series design is developed with the aim to introduce finest quality heirloom chess sets. It is a dignity to own the highest standard workmanship of the Madrid Series Chess Set.  This valuable handmade chess pieces will be the genuine collection to admire. We are offering two extra queens in Boxwood/Rosewood & choice of Green or Red billiard cloth base pads.

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