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Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

This battle of black and whites is played all across the globe of the royal board game with keen
interest and we are proud and deeply privileged to be the provider of accessories/equipments.
The Amritsar Ivory or The Chess Empires introduce to customize any of Antique chess set or
you can share your own design, drawing or thoughts and we will make it with perfection of
craftsmanship. If you want to customize any pattern of luxury wood chess pieces design to reproduce exactly same
then we welcome and offer to send us the pictures with dimensions (info@thechessempire.com)
to create the same replica chess set of vintage looks or as per the requirement. We also assure to
make the exactly same design from king to pawn as well our knight carvers are much
experienced and capable to make exact copy of any antique knight or to capture idea and
There have been many designs and pattern become popular in 1800 era like Pre Staunton ,
Calvert pattern , Soviet pattern and Staunton chess sets .These luxury wood chess sets are still in high
demand as antique chess sets worldwide and we are offering the same quality of design in
Antiqued Boxwood or Natural Dark Boxwood /Ebony combination. Best quality and luxury wood chess sets to choose from.

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