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Queens Gambit Series II chess set
White & Green Lacquer Boxwood
4" King

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SKU: Queens Gambit II chess set-CSWGL

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The Chess Empire is proud to introduce you “The Queens Gambit Series 4” chess pieces with 2” Square Collectors Series chess Board. Originally designed by the chess maestro of The Chess Empire with owned Legacy of finest craftsmanship and experience of almost 60 years in chess Industry, which has lead us to the constant perfection for producing the classical designing and best quality chess sets.

The Queens Gambit series chess set design creation is inspired from the movie “Queens Gambit”. The movie has inspired many chess lovers of all nations globally. The perfectly crafted The Queens Gambit Series chess set it designed with the aim to introduce the immensely rich craftsmanship. The Knight is very important piece in the chess and we are proud on our skilled carvers to make possible of any herculean workmanship with their knowledge and experience of decades to produce the mesmerizing craftsmanship.

 The stunningly carved king’s traditional finial and the proportionate queen’s shank with finely crafted coronets. The Bishop miter cut with the constant carving on the edges looks more extraordinary and unique bishop than any others. The Rook considers being castle in the chess game; we have designed the rook turret very finely and perfectly with sturdy shank so the legacy of rook will remain as well the pawn is crafted with the wide and sharp collars for this heirloom Staunton chess set.

The Chess Pieces are hand carved by our skilled master craftsmen and crafted out of highest grade exotic woods with the luxurious billiard cloth base pads on it. The Chess set is heavily weighted with the natural hand polished individual chess piece for rich, long lasting shine and it also includes two extra queens. 

Total 34 Chess Pieces. (Includes Two Extra Queens)

Chess Board: 2” Square Chess Board.

Product Specifications:

Does The Chess Board Include?        The Chess Board in the picture is included with The Queens Gambit Series Chessmen set.

 Chess Pieces                          Height                                 Base Diameter                               

King                                      4”  (102mm)                        1.75” (45 mm)

Pawn                                     2 ” (50mm)                          1.38”  (35mm)

Total Weight of The Queens Gambit Series Chess Pieces: 1700 grams or ( 59 Ounce)                        

Light Wood Chess Pieces:  Boxwood (White Lacquer).

Dark Wood Chess Pieces:   Boxwood (Green Lacquer).

 Chess Board: Collectors Series 2” Square Chess Board.

Light Wood: Canadian Maple Wood.

Dark Wood : Ebony Wood.

Please note our all products are hand crafted and there are few chances of variation for 5% plus or minus.


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