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Welcome to the Chess Empire.


The Chess Empire or Amritsar Ivory Works is the oldest, largest and finest chess manufacturing company since 1962.Our research over almost past 60 years in chess industry has lead us to the constant perfection and craftsmanship with producing the best quality chess equipment.

This Experience and long learning period has given us the opportunity to design rich art of workmanship and to produce chess sets which are beyond the imagination of anyone. We produce every single product with 100% environment friendly woods and also we do not use any life tree wood. We are sourcing our woods directly from Forest Departments and no green life trees have been used to make any of our products. We have the best skilled workers and carvers from different part of the states in India and our company is providing them free stay with their families, free electricity and medical facilities.

No Cheap material is allowed to purchase at any cost in our chess factories just to make the product quality cheap and less expensive like others. Our Purchase department only buys the best material, woods, billiard cloths and all other products from authorized and genuine suppliers only. We believe the best chess sets quality and workmanship. Our goals are absolutely transparent and friendly for customers so we can produce not less than the best.