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African Padauk  ( Botanical Name Pterocarpus Soyauxii)


The African Padauk is the wood which we are using for manufacturing luxury chess pieces and chess boards. This wood comes from African Region and easily available in India. The wood is also known as blood wood due to the dark red color. This Exotic wood has black stripes on it which looks very beautiful and the wood is very smooth for any difficult craftsmanship as well it works perfectly fine on turning machines.

We are using Padauk wood for manufacturing many designs of luxury Chess pieces and solid wood chess boards. There are many different types of woods available in red color but there is no comparison of African padauk wood with any other wood.

The African Padauk wood is having ability to carve even more difficult craftsmanship and it also allow us to make very sharp edges very finely on the wood. There is no doubt the wood is exceptionally beautiful with Red color and black stripes on it.

The chess Empire is using only dead dry wood purchased directly from Government or Authentic dealers with all certificates. We choose only A Grade Wood material for all our chess products. We are not using any green trees or unauthorized woods. The Wood is a natural product which can crack or warp naturally.

                                                                         AFRICAN PADAUK WOOD

                                                         AFRICAN PADAUK UNFINISHED CHESS PIECES

                                          AFRICAN PADAUK LACQUERED CHESS BOARD

                                                    AFRICAN PADAUK POLISHED CHESS PIECES