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Frequently Asked Question


Q. Are you a manufacturer or trader?
A. The Chess Empire or Amritsar Ivory Works is the oldest running chess manufacturing company on
earth. We produce everything inside of our chess factories. There is nothing we outsource and that is a
big reason that our flawless quality, design and workmanship remain same.

Q. Why The Chess Empire is not cheapest.
A. Producing the best quality chess sets and customer satisfaction is our goal.We are the oldest running chess                                                                                                                                manufacturing company on earth and we do not compromise on quality of wood/base diameters and our                                                                                                                                      focus is on manufacturing highquality chess products / Detailed Workmanship /Best service & smooth path                                                                                                                                    for our customers for their important purchase.


Q. Can I order the product which is out of Stock?
A. Absolutely, you can order anything with us which is out of stock and we will immediately
manufacturer it and let you know the dispatch date.

Q. Does The Chess Empire Ship internationally??
A. The Chess Empire can send the goods worldwide with the assurance of safest international packaging
with easy tracking data with the proof of dispatch.

Q. Any hidden charges after paying for goods I have to pay??
A. There are no hidden charges like will be paid by any customer after the completion of payment. The
information details of the purchase with the tracking number will be sent to you .

Q. Why some products are expensive when you are a manufacturer?
A. The Chess Empire is largest chess manufacturer from India where we produce everything with
excellence and best .We purchase the best material directly from the forest departments of different
states, We salaries of our workers are very high compare to all other manufacturers who are producing
many chess set in their sweatshop and compromising on quality, purchasing cheap materials, We
provide our works free Electricity ,Free Houses and medical facility 24 hrs and overall we have healthy
environment in our chess factories .These healthy and happy environment helps us to get the best
chess set workmanship of the world.

Q. Secure Payments Methods.
A. The Chess Empire is using multiple payment modes which are absolutely secure.

* All Credit Cards/Debit Cards.
*Paypal Service.
*Bank transfers.
*Veem Service.
*Many other safe payment gateways.

Q. Can I customize my design with The Chess Empire?
A. We will be happy to make any custom made chess design according to the requirements .The Chess
Empires offers you to customize any of your thought in real with us. The price can be offered only after
the specification of the design and we assure you to manufacturer the chess set exactly same the way
you want to see it.

Q. What is double weighted and triple weighted chess sets.
A. We can differ the categories like Wood chess pieces and Luxury Chess pieces .In all our Wood chess
pieces categories we use double weighted according to the base diameters and sizes and we try to put
maximum weight in it and Luxury chess pieces diameter are bigger compare to the wood chess pieces
and we get more space to put the maximum weight in this category. It is not easy here to describe the
actual weight in both categories.

Q. What is the difference between Ebonized and Ebony Chess set products.
A. There is a lot difference in Ebonized and Ebony Chess sets as Ebonized Chess products are made of
boxwood which we have stained it as black so the product should look similar like black ebony but later
after couple of years the jet black color of ebonized will be faded to the lighter black year by year but
ebony wood is naturally black and heavy compare to other woods. We are proud that we are having the
largest stock of Ebony wood as well to create the most beautiful chess sets. Genuine Ebony is very hard
and heavy.

Q. Do you repair old chess sets?
A. Yes, We can repair any of the chess set with the missing pieces or the broken pieces. We are using the
best alloy tools and equipments with the best lathes technology and we have everything inside house
and we warmly welcome to those customers who wants to repair their chess sets or complete the
missing pieces.

Q. How can I purchase an expensive chess set which I can’t afford?
A. We are offering you Layaway Program where you can buy anything and pay whenever you feel
comfortable with easy terms and conditions.

Q. Is it totally free shipping on all products?

A. The Chess Empire offers you absolutely free shipping for all the products. There is no doubt the price
is including the shipping cost only.

Q. How do you ship the products and how can I know that my order is shipped?
A. Our all chess products are shipped according to the destinations and best shipping service available,
which can be easily, track by the customers during transit. The Chess Empire will send a proof of
dispatch and the link to track the packages smoothly. We are using FedEx, DHL, TNT and Indian Speed
Post service usually.

Q. No, My questions are not here.
A. You can contact us. info@thechessempire.com