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Amritsar Ivory Works is the  Finest , oldest and Largest  Chess Manufacturing Company of India running since 1962. Our research  for  almost 60 years in chess industry has led us  achieve the expertise of constant perfection in creating  and designing  the finest craftsmanship to the level of wonders and  offering the best quality chess products worldwide. Our valuable asset of experience gained  in chess manufacturing from last three generations have made us capable to understand the selection of best quality woods for manufacturing the world’s best elegant chess equipments. We have the most experienced master craftsmen in our factories with a great knowledge of hand craftsmanship and long learning period has given us the opportunity to design most exclusive chess sets which is beyond the imagination of anyone. 


Amritsar Ivory Works came into existence with the motive to manufacture Ivory Lamps, Statues and ivory Chess sets under the management  of Sh. Shiv Dyal Sharma in 1962.  Company was inherited by Mr.Rajesh Sharma (Son of Sh. Shiv Dyal Sharma) after completing his studies , who was an Athlete and national player of Indian volleyball Team.  With his innovative brilliance  and zeal of doing something different and unique  in sports , He has started designing revolutionary designs in wooden chess products after the total ban on the Ivory. In his younger age he started selling chess products to many exporters in India. After a huge span of struggle, Mr. Rajesh Sharma came into contact with Mr. Dennis Peterson Owner of Legend Products, USA in 1991-1992. Mr. Dennis was very much impressed to see the quality of splendid craftsmanship by Amritsar Ivory Works under the guidance of Mr. Rajesh Sharma. Then both companies introduced Pioneer Series and Monarch Series in chess market, which become a huge success with good sales  produced in Boxwood/Ebony and it was well deserved recognition step in the international market of the chess industry.

(1994-1995) Rajesh Sharma and Frank A. Camarrata, Jr (The House of Staunton, USA ) came into communication. The regular failure attempts done by the Frank A. Camarrata with many other manufacturers and chess suppliers for designing the Collector Series chess set for HOS has put Frank A. Camarrata in struggle and deep thoughts but once Rajesh Sharma showed his workmanship on collector series chess set design , Frank Camarrata mesmerized with the outcome of the perfection by the Rajesh Sharma(Amritsar Ivory Works). HOS immediately started working with Amritsar Ivory Works in huge way and Rajesh Sharma introduced hundreds of his own creation exclusive chess set designs in various sizes and wood combinations like Sultan, Sheffield, Empire, Centurion, Classic, Morphy, Player Series, Professional Series and many more continuously. Rajesh Sharma was treated as a heart of THE HOUSE OF STAUNTON, Inc during the time of many other chess  innovations done by Rajesh and Frank together.

Year (2000-2001) John Jaques of London Contacted Amritsar Ivory Works Rajesh Sharma to make 49000 Series in 4.4” and 4” chess sets in Boxwood/Ebony, Amritsar Ivory Works again attempt the grandeur workmanship in a good numbers and the quality of workmanship was highly appreciated by Jaques Of London and it is proud and a achievement for AIW and continuously the regular orders from Jaques of London, House of Staunton and many new companies joined later on .

Year (2008) Rajesh Sharma  got retired  from active business due to some serious health issues and Business was taken over by  his two sons Gaurav Sharma & Rishi Sharma (Third Generation of the Family). They both have taken the responsibility   of handling all the business affairs on  their shoulders including designing and creating best craftsmanship on finest crafted chess Products. They have introduced several designs like Alexander Stallion , The Kohinoor Series , Saint John Series ,Cambridge Series and many others on the row and also making all the reproductions for Jaques Of London under the brand name The Chess Empire (The established and worldwide reputed chess company in chess industry now a days ).


The Chess Empire introduced Numerous Authenticated self created and popular chess sets in various exotic woods in different sizes and designs developed by dedicated and experienced craftsmen under the leadership of third generation with a promising approach to provide only the exceptional chess products in chess market. We have achieved our reputation by selling rich quality chess sets, chess pieces, chess tables, travelling chess sets, bone chess pieces, artistic chess pieces ,chess boards, golden prestige collection, chess accessories and backgammon sets .We warmly welcome you to discover the countless designs. Our  chess factories are situated at 3248,Dhapai Road, Amritsar,(143001)Punjab(India) with a dedicated team of master craftsmen and artisans operating since 1962 . We are offering exclusive and exquisite chess sets and equipments in chess market since  1962.


We bring you the World’s finest Chess creations authentically manufactured in a clean and healthy atmosphere for our Workers where we provide them free accommodation, Electricity, Medicine ,Medical facilities and 24x7 support and our master craftsmen are just like the member of our Family and many of them are working with us for  more than 30 years and we produce the best chess sets of the world in such wealthy condition for all the chess lovers where we use only skilled workers and no child labour or sweatshop labour. We are persistently providing varied range of different Staunton chess sets, historic and timeless antique chess designs to all chess stores and companies of USA, Europe, UK and Australia with  splendid quality of manufacturing and designing skills . 

The Endeavour of excellence by the chess empire welcomes and adores the presence of all chess lovers, Chess collectors who now can have an opportunity to explore the exclusively designed chess products directly from manufacturer with the assurance of choicest workmanship and affordable prices with prompt services comes with original authenticated Certificate of quality .If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us  : [email protected]



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