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The Exclusive Series Luxury Chess Table
Maple & Rosewood
2.5" Square

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SKU: Exclusive SeriesCT-MRW

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The Chess Empire is proud to introduce you the stunningly beautiful The Royal Exclusive chess tables with the excellence of finest craftsmanship. These luxurious handmade chess tables are crafted with the meticulously workmanship and the attraction of the mesmerizing solid wood chess tables is flawless and rare piece of art. 

The Exclusive Series wooden chess table is made with the special selection of finest exotic grain woods. The square of the chess tables are crafted with accuracy with the perfect combination of finest Grains of Rosewood is the real beauty of The Royal Exclusive chess table. The perfect size of borders with the drawl for keeping the chess pieces securely and all the four legs turning with the perfection are a real edge of high end workmanship.

The authentic designs and exclusive solid wood chess tables are made for chess passionate, chess collectors and chess lovers worldwide. These chess table are made for the chess passionate, who only wants nothing less than the best and these chess tables are also glimpse of Home Décor in your living or drawing room with the eye attraction of master crafted luxury chess tables made by our most skilled and experienced master craftsman with knowledge of decades.

We are introducing this unique handmade luxury wood chess table with the highest standard of workmanship with the natural Glossy & Matte finish for rich and long lasting shine. This magnificent luxury wood chess table is real edge of fabulous craftsmanship without any doubt.  The endeavor of excellence by The Chess Empire welcome and adores the presence of all the chess lovers globally who can now have the opportunity to explore the flawless chess tables.

Product Specifications.

Square Size :   2.5” Inches/ 6.25 CM

Chess Board : 26” x 26” Inches/ 65cm x 65  CM

Height : 26” Inches /65cm

Thickness : 6” Inches

Wood Material

Light Wood :  Maple Wood.

Dark Wood :   Rosewood.

Please note our all products are hand crafted and there are few chances of variation for 5 % plus or minus.

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Size 2.5" Square
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