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Battle of Troy Chess Set
28 x 28 cm bronze chess board

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SKU: Battle of Troy-CSGBA

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The Chess Empire is proud to introduce you The Battle of Troy” solid Alloy Zinc chess set pieces along with 28 x 28 CM Green Oxidation bronze Chess board. Exceptionally un-matched quality and craftsmanship work on every single piece. The very exclusive workmanship on every piece is crafted with perfection.

The Meticulously crafted Greek Warrior chess set is hand carved by our very skilled craftsmen with the luxurious base pads and the flawless craftsmanship on every single piece is proportionate. Without any doubt this heirloom.

The Endeavor of excellence by the chess empire welcomes and adores the presence of all chess lovers, Chess collectors who now can have an opportunity to explore the exclusively designed chess products directly from manufacturer with the assurance of choicest workmanship and affordable prices with prompt services.

Total 32 Alloy zinc Chess Pieces

Chess Board: 28 x 28 cm chess board.

Product Specifications:


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