Customized Any Design

The most popular beautiful vintage chess set designs from 17th to 19th century in various patters designs like pre-Staunton, Staunton pattern ,Soviet , Jaques Chess sets ,Calvert Patters made in different regions with splendid workmanship is now available to own with the exactly same dimensions and workmanship with absolutely assurance of the best chess set quality of the world is now possible with us to own the replicas of these vintage chess sets. The Amritsar Ivory or The Chess Empires offers you the customize replicas of timeless antique chess sets and also you can design self created chess set. We also offer you to share any design images, drawing or thoughts of your imagination and we will make that possible in real. There have been many designs and pattern become popular in 1800 era like Pre Staunton , Calvert pattern , Soviet pattern and Staunton chess sets, these designs are still in high demand as antique reproduction of chess sets worldwide and we are offering the same quality of design in Antiqued Boxwood or Natural Dark Boxwood /Ebony combination. Our valuable asset of experience in chess manufacturing have allowed us to understand the selection of best wood quality for manufacture the world’s best elegant chess equipments. Our research over almost past 60 years in chess industry has lead us to the constant perfection in designing, craftsmanship, best quality with great reputation chess manufacturing company worldwide We have the most experience master craftsman in our factories with a great knowledge of hand craftsmanship and long learning period has given us the opportunity to design most exclusive chess sets which is beyond the imagination of anyone.