Signature Series II 2.25" Square Maple/Padauk

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The Chess Empire Introduce you the new Signature series II solid Wood chess boards in various wood combinations and sizes. Our chess board are made with very carefully on the every step of manufacturing and these rare handmade chess boards are the one of the best chess boards of the chess Industry. We have the best craftsman team to create rare designs and new innovations of chess boards designs and we proudly say that we create the best designs & the best chess boards in the World. These luxury chess boards are the real play field for the chess lovers & chess collectors and we always try to make the game more luxury & valuable on these beautiful wooden chess boards.

We are also offering High gloss finish and Matt finish option to the customers and green, red or black billiard cloth on the bottom. These handcrafted luxury chess boards are rich crafted for the chess lover & chess collectors around the globe.

We are reputed as the largest & the oldest manufacturer on earth and we are also known for producing the world’s best wooden chess equipments and our team has always proved to create the most beautiful chess products in all categories and we heartily welcome you to explore our products & we assure for the best of the World.

Available in all sizes from 2" square ,2.25" square,2.5" square,2.75" square and 3" square.

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