Mustang Series 4.4'' Boxwood/Ebony

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The Chess Empire introduces you The Mustang Series 4.4” designed with own legacy of finest craftsmanship. The Mustang Series is the latest developed stunning luxury wooden chess set with the attraction of authenticated exclusive design without any doubt this hallmark Staunton chess set is the foremost in its category.

Immensely rich workmanship of this beautiful chess set with flawless proportion and the beauty of the knights , carefully crafted mane, eyes and nostril is absolutely elegant workmanship. The traditional King’s finial with the Staunton pattern chess pieces are the real combination. The very economical designs with exclusive craftsmanship.

The Mustang Series chess set is stunning masterpiece with attraction of mesmerizing unique art of hand craftsmanship. Our master craftsmen have spent many hours hard work to create rare art of chess pieces craftsmanship. These are the pieces of perfection with deep and absolutely flawless finest turning.

The heirloom Mustang Series 4.4” chess set is one of the best Staunton chess set creations with absolutely proportionate workmanship from King to Pawn. The stunning traditional finial has made the looks of chess set more valuable and our skilled hand carver has made the mustang series knights very beautiful with clear details on the knights face as well the unique mane, detail on the nostril, eyes, jaw and every single part of the knight is done with extraordinary herculean hard work. We intended to provide you the most marvelous handmade chess pieces with remarkable workmanship.

Each chess piece is hand carved by our master craftsmen in exotic woods like Boxwood/ Ebony, Boxwood/ Paduak and Ebony /Pdauk combination.The chess empire welcomes and adores the presence of all chess passionate, chess lovers & Chess collectors who now can have an opportunity to explore the exclusively.The splendid workmanship of mustang series also includes two extra queens.

Total 34 Chess Pieces.

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